Can I avail of any grants to help with the cost of installation?

For our customers in Ireland, the SEAI have a new grant offering up to €600 to help cover the installation of a home-charger. Click here for more information on this grant.


If you live in Northern Ireland or the United Kingdom, you may be eligible for the OLEV grant, click here for more information on this grant. 

How long will it take to fully charge my EV?

The time it takes to fully charge an EV depends on the size of the car’s battery, and whether it was half full or completely empty at the beginning. For example, a car with a 24 kWh battery would take 6-7 hours to fully charge with a 16 AMP charger from empty. It would take the same car 3-4 hours to fully charge on our 32 AMP charger.

How much are the chargers?

We have a few options available for both domestic chargers & business chargers. We would always recommend speaking with a member of our technical team to ensure we advise you of the most suitable charger for you.

How much will it cost to fully charge my EV?

The average cost to charge an EV on the day rate electricity tariff would be approximately €4/€5, which could get you anywhere from 100km to 300km depending on the car. This would drop to approximately €2/€3 if using the overnight electricity tariff. However, we can offer businesses the opportunity to generate revenue from the installation of an EV charger. If you would like some more information regarding this, please get in contact.

Is planning permission required to install a charger?

No, planning permission is not required for installation. Both domestic residences and commercial entities can install an EV charger without planning permission.

When does a priority device need to be installed?

Are your electricians registered with Safe Electric?

All of our electricians are registered with Safe Electric. Following installation, Safe Electric will be issued with a completion certificate along with yourself.

What is your lead time from initial contact to completed installation?

We have an average lead-time of approximately 1 week. Whilst we will endeavour to process all orders within this time-frame, during our busy periods this may be slightly delayed.

What guarantee comes with your charger?

All of our Smartcharge units come with a 1 year warranty on parts & labour, ensuring that you have peace of mind.

Which charger would best suit my EV?

Every EV is different and therefore their charging needs and portals differ. We will be able to advise you of the best Smartcharge product for you when you get it contact.

Will I still be able to use this charger if I upgrade my car?

Our chargers are suitable with all types of EVs and hybrids, meaning you will be fully covered for future purchases. In addition, if you were to install our 16 AMP charger, you can upgrade the wiring in a few years to deliver a faster charge if needed.

What work is involved and how much will the installation cost?

The installation costs can vary depending on the complexity of the job. Any RECI registered electrician can install the charger and we would provide any information and guidance necessary for him to do so. Based on the complexity of the job, it may be necessary to conduct a site visit to establish any civil works or ground works to be completed prior to installation.

I live in an apartment, can I still install an EV charger?

Installing an EV charger in an apartment complex is slightly different, but certainly possible. We offer a number of solutions, depending on whether you own the apartment and car-park space, or rent it. Give us a call and we will be able to answer all your queries.

Can the charger be installed directly from the meter box outside, or does it have to be connected to the distribution box inside the house?

Whilst there are proposals to change the rules and allow home-owners install an EV charger and connect to the meter box on the outside wall, currently it must still be connected to the distribution box inside the house.

Should I have a site survey before the installation?

Generally for home EV installations, a site survey will not be required. We would first recommend speaking with a member of our technical team about your options. Following this, if our technician thinks a site assessment would be beneficial, we will organise this.

We would generally recommend all businesses conduct a site assessments prior to installation, as the process is more complex than a standard home EV charger installation. 

Does your company meet the technical standards set by the SEAI for the Home Charger Grant?

All of our chargers meet the technical standards outlined by the SEAI. In fact, in January 18' Smartcharge won a tender issued by the SEAI to install a number of home chargers as part of their EV taxi trial.

A priority device might be necessary if you wish to install a 32 amp charger and also have an electric shower or similar high demand device in the house. It essentially stops your car charging when the shower starts, and will automatically resume charging at 32 amps when the shower turns off. If you have an electric pump shower heated via gas boiler, a priority device is not required. 

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