SEAI Home Charger Grant Scheme:

The SEAI are offering a €600 grant towards the purchase & installation of a home charging unit. The Eligibility criteria is outlined below:

Applicant Eligibility Criteria:

  • Your EV must be parked in off-street parking associated with the house & the charger must be connected back to the fuse-board of the applicant.  

  • Your metre point reference number (MPRN) will be used to confirm your address.

  • The property cannot have received a charge point from a previous home charger scheme.

  • DO NOT COMMENCE any work before the start date on your Letter of Offer, otherwise you will not be reimbursed for the installation. 

Vehicle Eligibility Criteria:

  • Vehicles registered new or used from 2018 onward are eligible.

  • Only vehicles which are now or were previously eligible for grant support under the EV grant scheme are eligible. 

  • EV's include Battery Electric Vehicles (BEV) & Plug-In Hybrid Vehicles (PHEV).

  • Vehicles which are purchased new in Ireland / second hand in Ireland, or privately imported new or second hand & registered in Ireland in 2018 are eligible. 

Application Process:

  1. You can apply in a variety of ways; via email to the SEAI EV grants scheme, filling in a hard copy of the form at your nearest EV dealership, or simply apply online on the SEAI website. 

  2. Once approved, you will receive your Letter of Offer & you will have 6 months to complete the installation. Work can only be completed by a fully qualified electrician who is registered with Safe Electric Ireland. 

  3. Once the installation is complete, you should complete the Payment Request Form. This is completed by you & the installer. Your installer must provide you with a copy of the Certificate Number 3. Review this & ensure it is correct. 

  4. Post your Payment Request Form along with the following items to the address indicated on the form: 

    • Fully signed & completed Request Form including Bank Account details.​

    • Certificate Number 3.

    • Vehicle Registration Form (Not required for a new car purchased in Ireland)

    • Photos of the installed charge-point & the EV showing vehicle registration.

  5. Your electrician must also send a copy of the Certificate Number 3 to Safe Electric Ireland. SEAI will then check that the Cert arrived & that the electrician is fully registered. Once this is confirmed, we will issue a payment of the grant amount to the bank details provided by you.

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