What charger is best for me?

February 1, 2018

So now that you've taken the plunge and bought your EV, how do you decide which charger to install? Well, lucky for you the team at Smartcharge have created this blog post, preempting all your questions and allowing you to simply enjoy your EV whilst we do the work!


 The questions you need to consider are detailed below:

1. What size battery does your EV have?

If your car has a 3.3kWh charger on board, you can only charge at 16 AMPs. However if your car has the upgraded 6.6kWh charger, you can charger at both 16 and 32 AMP meaning your car can recharge faster. 


2. Do you have off-street parking?

If you have off-street parking, you can install a charger no problem. If you only have on-street parking, you may run into a few issues and will need to go through the county council for permission to run a cable. Another thing to consider is that the new SEAI grant is only available to those who have off-street parking, so you may have to pay everything yourself. 


3. Will the charger be installed less than 10 metres from the fuse-board?

If you wish to install your EV charger less than 10 metres from the fuse-board, we have a fantastic deal for you! We will supply and install a 16 or 32 AMP charger (including testing, certification & warranty) for only €869. That means if you receive the SEAI grant, you may only pay €269 for the luxury of fast, reliable home charging! If the charger is to be installed further than 10 metres, additional costs will apply and a site survey or a chat with our team of technicians would be recommended.


4. Have you applied for the SEAI home charger grant? (This give up to €600 towards the installation costs).

Applying for the new SEAI grant is super easy and definitely worthwhile! I mean, who doesn't want to get €600 to help cover the cost of installation? It is as easy as visiting the SEAI website, and filling out their online application form. They will then review your application, and ensure eligibility. Following that, they will send you out a Letter of Offer enabling you to start work. Simples!


5. Do you have an electric shower at home?

If you install a 32 AMP charger, you will need to consider the other heavy-load appliances in the house. For example, if you have an electric shower in your house, you may need to install a priority switch alongside the charger. This ensures that there isn't too much demand on the fuse-board at any one time. If the shower turns on while the car is charging, it automatically stops the car charging until the shower stops. Once the shower stops, the car will automatically re-start charging at 32 AMPs.


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