The future of EV charging...

August 16, 2018

When interested in purchasing an EV, many people are faced with the daunting prospect of where to charge. Some of these may not have off-street parking to install a private charge-point. Do they purchase an EV and risk trying to charge solely on the public infrastructure? Or do they install a charger, running the charging cable to the car & creating a potential trip hazard? 

Ubitricity, a Berlin based technology company, founded the solution; installing EV chargers within existing street lamp hardware. Already trialled in a number of areas, including; Twickenham, Kensington, Hounslow, Barnes & Westminster, it has already proved to be a huge success. While avoiding a trip hazard is one perk, others include the diminished cost of installation. Because these chargers can be retrofitted into existing lamp-posts, the cost of installation is significantly less than installing a brand new piece of infrastructure. 


Others are concerned with cluttering up the footpaths, creating an unwanted obstacle for wheelchairs or prams. Another concern quelled by installing EV chargers in lamps. Particularly in residential areas, tenants are reluctant to implement dedicated parking spaces. Installing EV chargers in every second lamp post solves all of these issues. Who will pay for the electricity? Ubitricity have even solved this issue by having drivers plug in using smart cables, which allows electricity consumption to be measured and tracked online. This enables Ubitricity to charge users for the energy used. 


EV chargers in lamp-posts is just another way in which technology is advancing, allowing us all to work towards increasing the number of EV's on our streets, and improving our air quality overall. It seems that electricity providers have finally "seen the light" (pun intended!) and joined forces to provide a nationwide EV charging infrastructure that will undoubtedly be a great incentive for prospective EV buyers. 





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