Why choose the EV life?

February 1, 2018


The reasons people are switching from ICE vehicles to electric are vast, ranging from health benefits to significant financial incentives. In this blog post, I will discuss the reasons to make the switch and help our emerald isle go even greener.


First of all, lets discuss the thing on everyone's mind - the financial incentives. By choosing to drive an electric vehicle, you receive a world of financial benefits, including; a significant grant towards purchase of an EV, VRT tax relief, lower service costs, lower tax rate, up to €600 grant for the installation of a home charger, as well as the overall lower running costs. 


  1. VRT tax relief: Electric vehicles are currently entitled to up to  €5000 in VRT reductions, meaning that unless your EV costs more than €35,000, you will likely pay nothing in VRT.

  2. EV Grant: SEAI are offering excellent grants to consumers considering purchasing an EV. Depending on the value of the vehicle, you could receive anything from €2000 to €5000.

  3. Lower service costs: Because there are less moving parts in an EV, there are less parts that can break and cause you trouble. Generally, a full, annual service will set you back approximately €120, in comparison to €200 for an ICE vehicle.

  4. Lower tax rate: EV's are in the lowest tax band in Ireland @ €120 for the year.

  5. Home Charger Installation grant: Starting on January 1st 2018, SEAI introduced a new grant scheme that contributes up to €600 to EV owners hoping to install a home charger. With our bundle deal of €869, that means you may pay only €289 for the ability to fully charge you car in the comfort of your own home.

  6. Lower running costs: When a potential buyer runs the numbers, it really is a no-brainer. Based on the loose calculations that a 1.6 petrol car will costs around €900 per 10,000km, a Nissan Leaf will only cost approximately €300 to do the same distance. For someone, (like myself) who does around 20,000km per year, that is a whopping saving of €1200!


The second most popular reason people make the switch from ICE to EV, is to do their bit for the environment. Because EVs don't emit any noxious gases, they are better for both the environment and everybody's health. Zero emissions = Zero problems (so to speak). Following that, for all those techies out there, because EVs are an emerging trend, they are being made with the newest and best technologies. When autonomous driving becomes a reality, EVs are on the road to success already with the technologies already within the cars. These technologies include regenerative breaking, impressive Sat-Nav features that show all available public chargers in your vicinity, and little things such as heated seats/steering wheel.

 Imagine a cold, wintry morning, you're lying in bed dreading the cold car and feeling the icy grip on the steering wheel... Suddenly you remember that you are a proud EV owner, enabling you to kick-start the heating so when you pluck up the courage to leave, you sit into a balmy 22° car and zip away happily. 


So, now that you've made the switch from ICE to EV, what keeps you there amongst problems with the public charging infrastructure and ICE-ing etc.? Simply put, the drive. Driving an EV is said to be one of the smoothest drives available, with instant torque (the BMW i3 can do 0-100km in 7.4 seconds), near silence (no noisy engine grumbling underneath you) and automatic gearbox, driving will surely become enjoyable again! So why not check it out for yourself? Find your favourite EV and take it out on the open road for a test-drive. You won't be sorry! 


*EDIT: As of 23rd April 2018, the Government have plans to introduce reduced tolls for EV's! 




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